Educational Sciences

Department of Educational Sciences

  • Teaching in the Sciences of Education is settled from different academic fields (sociology,
    ethnology, philosophy, history, psychology ...) which focus on the educational field in its different
    categories (school, associative life, family, social work, etc.).

  • This training aims to attain theoretical, epistemological and methodological skills in these diverse
    disciplines, as well as an initiation to university research. The offered courses materials should allow
    students to obtain analytical and distancing skills related with the educational concerns in the
    different contexts mentioned above.

  • This division also provides professional awareness around the various sectors of educational activity.
    Three sectors are characterized by the emergence of new careers in which education, training and
    health practices play a great role:
  • School education,
  • Community life and local authorities,
  • Education related to health issues

  • Students, who wish to have a deeper knowledge in field of education and human and social sciences
    are concerned. A significant experience in the field of education is recommended but not mandatory.


  • The Educational Teaching Degree is not a professional Bachelor's Degree. It is not in particular a
    training degree to the Teacher job. It is a general Bachelor's degree, which provides general teaching
    in HSS field, focusing on education and training issues. It proposes a discovery of various aspects of
    professional activities. The access to these fields supposes following studies (in Master) and/or
    Degree success.

  • Beyond Bachelor's degree a continuation of studies is proposed by COMUE Lyon-Saint-Etienne with
    a MASTER in Sciences of Education with two possible open orientations in Saint-Etienne:
    Expertise and Research in Education / Conception of methods and projects, childhood-youth sector.

  • The courses are open to all Human Sciences Masters in general, and to 1st level MEEF MASTER
    students, who wish to become teachers.



  • University and professionals in the fields of higher education and scientific research (Master, PhD),
    University research in Education, Educational training, social or health work as well as preparation
    of civil service examinations.
  • Job examples:
  • School Teacher (ST),
  • Principal Education Advisor (PEA),
  • Project manager for local authorities (education, culture, youth, leisure, social),
  • Social intervention and mediation jobs,
  • Educational and social function buildings Manager,
  • Educators in childhood and early childhood services,
  • Trainer to health and prevention problems in scholar environment,
  • Jobs linked to disabled children scholarship,
  • Jobs in link with therapeutic education,
  • Project manager for prevention and education networks (regional and departmental committees,
    CRES and CODES), local authorities (city-hospital networks), national and international health
    institutions (Red Cross, Red Croissant, and NGO), public and private companies (health and
    work services)


  • BERETTI Marie
  • FORAY Philippe
  • LEYRIT Alexandra
  • MICHALOT Thierry
  • PESLE Manon
  • SEGUY Jean-Yves