Dean’s letter

Dean’s letter

The University is a place where you study and acquire knowledge. At the university, research is progressing and students are prepared for their future career. University hosts students and teaches them the skills required to become independent.

The administrative services are essential for the management of the university. The university is also managed by mentors/researchers and elected councils. In fact, most of the mentors are also researchers and have various collective responsibilities.

The College of Human and Social Sciences at Jean Monnet University comprises five training departments and four research laboratories including three CNRS (National Center for Scientific Research) research centers. In Saint-Etienne, Human and Social Sciences embrace history, geography, and sociology. To acquire the recent world demands, our University offers several subjects including sciences of education and heritage sciences.

University is not a high school; each student is responsible for his/her studies. Instructors are here to teach knowledge, they give courses, they are here to mentor you but they are not able to teach each one in separate. The student who succeeds in the university is the one who knows how to achieve independence, can work alone or in a group without waiting for the period of revision before the exams. You have to read, work on the internet, go to the library, go to the museum, attend lectures, and show curiosity and creativity.

Some of you will get lost, will have a hard time in adjusting themselves to what seems to be a lack of  surrounding. Don’t worry. Discuss with your colleagues about it, with teachers in particular with referent teachers who are assigned to you at the beginning of the year. Do not isolate yourself.

Dean of the College of Human and Social Sciences